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Dutch singer songwriter and folk musician Margot Merah comes from Paasloo, a small township in northeast Netherlands.  Currently based in Amsterdam, Margot has been singing and touring extensively around Europe, Australia and the US for the past 20 years.

Margot sings both traditional - often Celtic - as well as her own songs and she's noted for her enthralling voice. Her rich alto gives a lot of depth and personality in both lower and higher regiments. Her direct and open lyrics bring comfort, hope and warmth. For Margot, it's the story behind the song that counts. Voice, melody and guitar are the instruments she uses to tell these tales and share the emotions within them.

Margot's love for writing and words is evident. You can hear it in her own original songs and in the songs she selects from the vast traditional repertoire. The story is what compels her both as a writer and interpreter of other peoples songs. But her innate musicality and unique approach to singing and guitar playing cannot be denied.  Years of touring with folk duo The Lasses and as an accompanist on guitar in the harp and guitar duo Sunflower along with her deep interest in folk music and songwriters from the 60s until the present day, serve as a rich foundation upon which she has created her rare and compelling style of music.

"Margot’s hauntingly rich voice and unique approach to both songwriting and traditional folk music arrangements are what make her a truly compelling and inspiring performer"

- Kathryn Claire -

"Honourable mention, too, for the threesome’s meltingly beautiful take on Craigie Hill (one of the finest I’ve come across), where Margot really makes the most of the song’s complex contradiction of emotions"

- David Kidman - 

"For over 20 years Margot has proven to be one of the best singers of The Netherlands and now she turns out to be an excellent songwriter as well."

- Music that needs attention - 

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