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American singer and songwriter Timothy Hull had met Margot even before they'd actually met. Timothy's songs had travelled across the Atlantic making it to the backroom session in Mulligans where Margot had heard them. And Margot's album Daughters, with her duo The Lasses, had made it into Timothy's house via their mutual friend Kathryn Claire. So when they stood face to face for the first time in the spring of 2015 to do a show, introductions were hardly necessary.

Both Timothy and Margot have a love for folk music, for songs that tell a story, for old as well as modern folk. As a duo they bring a variety of old songs and new ones, covers and originals, up tempo and ballads. Two voices that blend beautifully, strong but subtle guitars, harmonica and a shrutibox make for an atmospheric concert.


2017-08-02 Cafe Paradiso (35).jpg

©Anneke ter Schure

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