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The Lasses

In the spring of 2012 Margot met Sophie Janna at the ‘Backroom sessions’ in Music bar Mulligans in Amsterdam. They discovered a shared passion for singing harmonies and telling stories through music. And although very different, their voices go very well together: Sophies emotive soprano and Margots husky alto complement each other perfectly.

It didn't take long for them to join forces for a concert. And then another one and another one... Now they tour all around the world. Their strong harmonies, unaffected vocals and choice of songs makes them a sought after duo in the international folk scene. The past few years saw them tour the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, England, the United States, Canada and Japan.



On September 30th they will release their new album Near Far in De Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.

Visit their website!

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©Jean Francois Ignasse

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