Margot has made eight cd’s so far and is working on her ninth album that will come out early 2022. In October 2019 her folk duo The Lasses released a new album 'Undone'. The song Hunter Moon, which was written by Margot, is the second single from that album. Margot's song Bittersweet was recorded on the live album that The Lasses and American songwriter Kathryn Claire released in 2017 and was praised as 'a pearl in the crown of folk' by Dutch music magazine Oor. The traditional folk song Craigie Hill also appeared on that album. David Kidman (Folk Radio UK, The Living Tradition and Fatea) wrote about that song: "Honourable mention, too, for the threesome’s meltingly beautiful take on Craigie Hill (one of the finest I’ve come across), where Margot really makes the most of the song’s complex contradiction of emotions."

Duets at a Distance: Covid-19 project

During the first months of the corona crisis when going out and performing wasn't possible, I asked friends to sing with me. We all sang and played from our own homes. This little series of 'Duets at a Distance' is a result of that. Many thanks to Kathryn Claire, John Flierman, Danny Guinan, Ellen Tackenkamp, Gitta de Ridder, Eric DeVries and Loes van Schaijk!